Privacy policy 

Cookies provides site based searching. The privacy policy claims that no personal data is collected and CookieCert reports that no cookies are set by the site. provides a bible reference lookup facility and is endorsed by, and integrates with software from, the reputable Logos Bible Software brand. The Reftagger facilities will use a cookie to store a user’s preferences should that user chooses to use the Reftagger control panel. Being based in the USA, neither Logos, nor Reftagger, appear to have their own privacy policy. Users are warned that a cookie will be set before using this site.

Other than the Reftagger facility mentioned above the pages hosted at make no use of cookies.

Collection of personal data

Data forming part of any e-mail to an e-mail address shown on this site may be retained.

Software from a number of third parties has been integrated into the site with the intention of enhancing the visitor’s experience. We try to use reputable suppliers and to make it clear where we believe a user’s actions on one of our pages could result in the setting of a cookie, but ultimately we have no control over this software.

Transfer of data to third party sites

When we transfer data to third party sites we do not associate a user’s personal data with it, however we cannot guarantee that the user’s other software (e.g. their web browser) will not do so.

External links used to access social media sites will open pages supplied by a third party and then transfer to it data about the page from which the user has come. The data we transfer does not include personal information, however should the user choose to identify themselves to the third party site (e.g. by logging in or because they are already logged in), then it may associate the data we provide with the user. We have no control over whether that data is then stored by the third party’s site, though it would normally be the user’s intention that it should be.


We only collect anonymous statistics.

Publication of personal data

Apart from deliberate self disclosure by any of the site’s authors, it is this site’s policy only to publish/re-publish personal data if one of the following apply:

Information might be in the public domain, e.g., because it comes from:

Public domain sources are evaluated critically, e.g. the comment "The study was undertaken by John Smith, professor of Theology at Newton Seminary" would be accepted as evidence that John Smith was a professor, whilst the comment "that prof. John Smith really knows his stuff" wouldn’t.

Explicitly approved information might come from e.g.: